Apprenticeships are fantastic courses for both new and existing employees. They can support with filling skills gaps, upskilling employees or bringing new skills into the organisation. To ensure that the right course is selected, employers can plan their skills provision through a free training needs analysis here (Skills Hub link).

Employers can work with a training provider to support with identifying the right Apprenticeships for the business needs, seeking Apprentices to bring new employees into the organisation to fill roles, and finding courses.

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce can support Staffordshire-based employers throughout this process by providing access to a Training Needs Analysis, advising on suitable course types, linking the organisation in with a training provider, and acting as a broker to bring together levy and non-levy paying organisations to support with Apprenticeship funding. Find more information here (Brokerage link)

The most successful Apprenticeships are those where the employer is heavily involved in the learner journey, through providing relevant on-the-job training and employment support. The time which an organisation invests into Apprenticeships is richly rewarded, with relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours directly benefiting the organisation throughout the Apprenticeship and beyond.