Apprenticeships have long-since evolved from their original purpose and now offer a wealth of options right up to master’s degree level. New and exciting courses are consistently emerging to keep up with industry trends, making Apprenticeships an ideal tool for employers to stay ahead.

With hundreds of higher and degree Apprenticeship courses on offer, from accounting to sustainability, from aerospace engineering to business management, and new courses being developed every year, it’s possible to upskill every function of the organisation.

These courses are open to all ages and are usually for employees working 30+ hours. Having degree-level Apprentices within the organisation means that you do not have to wait for course completion to reap the benefit, as there will generally be practical application aspects throughout the course.
Not only are employers able to offer development opportunities for employees, but also discover the rewards as an organisation throughout, and beyond.

With a large range of training providers and universities offering both higher and degree-level Apprenticeships, organisations are able to select courses which are most appropriate for their objectives, in locations which are suitable for their Apprentice. Find out more about higher and degree apprenticeships here Higher and degree apprenticeships – GOV.UK (